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For Students

We’re delighted you’ve chosen to be a part of the Spalding Family. If you are in need of any type of accommodation(s) at Spalding–whether due to a learning or physical disability, a medical or mental health condition, or a temporary impairment, please complete our Request for Accommodation Application, and we will provide you with next steps. If you’ve like to receive guidance over the phone or in person, please Schedule an Appointment

Caution: Even if students with disabilities shared information about their disability with Spalding Admissions, that information is not shared with our office. Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) and 504 plans from high school are generally not considered sufficient documentation at the post-secondary level, but in some cases may contain the test report and scores required. At the university level, it is the student’s responsibility to pay all costs involved in obtaining evaluations and documentation of a disability.

If you are unable to provide documentation from a psychiatrist, psychologist, or certified mental health professional please reach out to Spalding University’s Counseling and Psychological Services for a full battery of assessments at no charge. This process is time-consuming and may take one or more sessions for the Spalding University Counseling Center to schedule.


If you have been granted academic accommodations, but are not currently using them, it’s not too late to do so! You just need to ensure that you allow 72-hour notice for any test proctoring needed. Contact OAS to get your Accommodation Letters today!

If you have any questions about accommodations at Spalding based on a disability or temporary impairment, please look through this website for information. If you still have remaining questions, If you’d like to receive guidance over the phone or in person, please Schedule an Appointment